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1.Responsible for establishing and improving the company's human resource management system to ensure that the human resource work is becoming more scientific and standardized according to the company's development goals.

2.Responsible for the establishment,implementation and revision of the company's labor and personnel management system,and the formulation of human resources plan according to the company's development strategy and business plan.

3.Reviewed the company's personnel establishment every year according to the company's business objectives and personnel demand plan,and conducted centralized management of the company's personnel increase and decrease.

4.Regularly collect internal and external human resource information of the company,establish the company's talent pool,and ensure the talent reserve.

5.Responsible for staff recruitment,internal selection,recruitment and dismissal procedures,and participated in the recruitment of senior talents of the company.

6.Responsible for the formulation,implementation and revision of employee compensation plan,and monitoring the company's compensation situation.

7.Complete other tasks assigned by leaders.